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Welcome, Airgun Manila is part of R.L.A. Airgunshop.

We are a legal airgun shop and import company in the Phillipines under license mumber AG-398. We sell high quality Call 22. air-rifles and air-pistols from diffrent European manufacturers. Visit our office, showroom and shooting range located in Palayan-City.

For orders. we deliver in the whole Philippines. After order we send you an invoice, you can pay to R.L.A. BDO bank account. After receiving payment we sent it with DHL to your address shortly. 

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Airgun Brands:

  • Kral Arms made in Turkiya
  • Walther, Umarex, Diana and Weihrauch made in Germany
  • Norcia and Gamo made in Spain
  • and many more airgun brands 


Our Air Guns & Rifles models


Buy airguns in the Philippines

From hunting to competition shooting, and even self-defense to some extent, Air guns can be formidable tools. Air guns come in various types, sizes, and power levels. They can be as simple as an Airsoft pistol, or a high-power PCP airgun that fires 50 Caliber projectiles.

If you live in the Philippines and want to buy the best airgun for the best price, you have to go to the right store.  We sell all types of airguns, from lever action to PCP and air pistols. We import some of the best Airguns in the world, from countries like Germany, Sweden, Turkey, Spain, Italy, England, and China, and offer them to our customers who want to buy airgun in the Philippines.

Types of Airguns we offer:

Precharged Pneumatic Air Rifles:

The most common type of Airguns we sell is PCP Airguns. These PCP rifles use high pressurized air in the chamber, which can propel the pellet at very high speeds, and with a lot of power while giving the shooter a very subtle recoil impulse. PCP rifles are the strongest, and most comfortable to shoot. We have both single shot and semi Auto PCP rifles, from world-class brands like Norica from Spain,  and Karl Arms from Turkey.

We provide a wide variety of super reliable and aesthetic Air rifles, that both look and shoot incredible. Most of our air rifles, like the Karl Arms Puncher series, Norica Viratus, and many others have an integral air cylinder on the rifle and offer a lot of shots per refill.

Our store specializes in PCP airguns, and we can offer you the best variety for you to buy air gun Philippines has to sell.

Break Barrel Air Guns:

Break Barrel air guns are a much simpler type of air gun. They aren’t as powerful, or fast as a PCP airgun, but the best thing about them is that they are self-contained. This means that the air rifle alone can work at any time, and you don’t need extra gear, like a hand pump, or electrical compressor to charge your rifle with pressurized air.

Break Barrel rifles are called so because the action breaks open, and then you can pull the barrel down to load the spring of the gun, which releases pressurized air in the chamber to propel the projectile out of the barrel at a high speed.

Of course, break-action guns aren’t as powerful as PCP, but they are more affordable, perfect for practicing at home and to teach new shooters. We have an excellent range of Break Barrel Airguns like the Norica Coma Dead Eye Break Barrel rifle, and the Karl Arms Break Barrel rifle. We also have several other Break barrel models from Umarex, Norica, and Browning.

Air Pistols:

Air pistols can also be quite fun to shoot, and they offer a very compact package. Air Pistols are Usually also PCP Air Guns and have smaller chambers. We also have a variety of Air pistols from some of the best brands in the world, including Whalter and Karl Arms.

Our Goal:

We are AirGun Enthusiasts and aim to bring the best airguns in the world, to our customers in the Philippines. We import a wide range of products from all over the world, and make them available to local Airgun enthusiasts at the best price, with the best services in the country. We are simply one of the best airgun shop Philippines has to offer.

Why buy a PCP Airgun

PCP stands for pre-charged pneumatic, which means freely translated “pre-filled with air”. This means that the PCP airgun contains a cylinder, tank or bottle in which air is stored under high pressure. This pressure can be up to a 240 bar in the cylinder which is attached to the gun, but this is different for every PCP airgun, usually the maximum pressure is indicated on the cylinder of the PCP airguns.

How to fill an PCP airgun with a pump

A PCP hand pump looks a lot on a bicycle pump, only a PCP hand pump is running much heavier and works in a slightly different way. A PCP pump has a number of different rooms with valves internally. These rooms are filled with air in both ascending movement and the downward movement.

You connect the pump to the airgun with the fill adapter that is often supplied with the PCP airgun. Make sure the vent valve on the air-gun is closed and start pumping. It is important that the handle of the pump is completely raised and down and is waiting for 1 second each time you make a movement again. This gives the pump the chance to let the pressed air flow from one room to the other.

With every pump movement, the pressure in the cylinder of the airgun will increase until the cylinder is filled to its maximum capacity. You then open the pump’s vent valve and the pressure in the pump drops.

Airguns Manila

Airgun Manila

Air-guns are popular in the Philippines. Buy the best airguns at Airgun Manila for a competitive price.
We sell extremely accurate air pressure guns (PCP) with very high speeds and hard impact on targets.
Please feel free to contact us for orders and information

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